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Arun's Travel Pages - Photos of Europe

This site contain hundreds of original photographs captured on my Sony Mavica FD71 during my visits to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France.

In Switzerland I spent most of my time at Geneva that houses a lot of UN buildings. I also visited the Olympic Museum at Lausanne, the snow clad Alps and wonderful locales such as Interlaken, Jungfrau and Grindelwald. Switzerland boasts of some of the most beautiful locales in the whole planet.

In France I was mostly confined to Paris. Paris offered a blend of ancient and modern structures ranging from the fascinating Louvre Museum to the modern day wonder called the Eiffel Tower.

Italy is famous for it's architectural splendors. Rome is full of superb architectural masterpieces, thanks to great men like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. The leaning tower at Pisa is indeed a real wonder. The holy city of Vatican is a must see. But the one place that fascinated me the most was the sinking city of Venice. The city is literally drenched in water. In this dream city you will find that roadways have been replaced with waterways, buses with boats and bus stops with boat stops!

I had the opportunity to visit a quite village called Alfdorf in the outskirts of Stuttgart. The natural and simplistic beauty that this small village had to offer left me with an urge to see more of Germany.

Not all photos have been grouped under their respective countries (places). Many have been grouped under more meaningful categories such as buildings, scenery etc. This is because I feel that anybody visiting Europe should not be tied down to one country but try and visit as many as possible.

- Arun Narayanan

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